Highway Department: Leaf/Branch Pickup

The Branch Pickup Program starts Monday, May 1, 2017 and will run through the last Monday in September, 2017.

Recently, questions/issues have arisen regarding the pickup of tree removals and how our branch and leaf pickup programs work that need clarification for the residents of Frankfort Township.


Our branch pickup program is a weekly Monday pickup that starts on the first Monday of May (date will vary from year to year) and ends on the last Monday of September. Call-in for branch pickup is NOT required. As a result of our branch pickups and tree removals, wood chips are available to our residents free of charge. If interested, please call our office for details and to be put on this list for delivery. Our Branch Pickup Program is strictly for the trimmings and prunings of trees and shrubs only. Only that type of debris will be picked up. The following is a list of debris that WILL NOT be picked up and that requires you to contact a tree service or your garbage company for those types of removals:

  • Whole tree removals from private property (which includes the branches, trunks, trumps and root balls.)
  • Complete landscape removals and clearing of lots from private property.
  • Ash tree removals from private propety (which includes the branches, trunks, stumps and root balls).
  • Any wood from fencing, decks, home renovations, etc. requires you to call your garbage company to see if they will pick up this type of debris.

If these types of debris are put out for pickup, a notice will be hung on your door informing you that we will not pick it up. It would be to your benefit to call our office before you begin any major types of removals from your yard so that you know in advance who is responsible for the pickup of the debris.


  • Call-in for branch pickup is NOT necessary.
  • Branches need to be out by 7:00 am on the Monday you require a pickup. Putting branches out later in the day only runs the risk you will not get a pickup that day and may have to wait until the following Monday.
  • Branches have to be placed on the ground at the roadside edge with the cut ends facing toward the street. Any branches put into any type of container or bag will not be picked up.
  • Bundling of branches is not necessary, but if yo do, string only, nothing metal - metal damages the chpper!
  • any thorny type of debris should be put in a separate pile - please DO NOT mix thorny debris with your other branches.
  • Branches must be free of root balls, stumpsdirt, stones, etc.
  • Please pile your branches in as neat a pile as possible. Any "messy" piles WILL NOT be picked up. A restack notice will be hung on your door requesting you to restack the pile. When that has been done, your branches will be picked up.
  • Your branch piles must be free of leaves, construction materials, wood materials, etc. If not, your branches will not be picked up.
  • Keep branches as long as possible. A diameter up to 6 inches will be accepted.
  • Please stack branches in 3 feet by 3 feet piles. Our crew will accept up to 4 piles per week.
  • Our crews are not allowed to pick up branches on private property - roadside pickup only.
  • Please remember - branches only !! We are not a garbage company.


Our Leaf Pickup Program is strictly a fall program that starts approximately October and ends with the first measurable snowfall. Leaf pickup does not resume again until the fall of the following year. There is no spring/summer pickup of leaves. You, as the homeowner, will be responsible for leaf disposal at this time of year. Please call your gargage company to find out what their requriements are for leaf pickup.


  • Call-in for leaf pickup is not required.
  • Leaves must be raked into piles along the roadside edge for pickup.
  • Do not put your leaves into bags or any other type of container. If you do, your leaves will not be picked up - leaves must be on the ground.
  • Leaves mixed in with other types of debris WILL NOT be picked up.
  • Please do not pile your leaves down into the ditch area - roadside only.

Your cooperation with the requirements we have set up for our Branch Pickup and Leaf Pickup Programs is appreciated and ndecessary in order for these programs to continue.

If you are a Frankfort Township resident but reside in a municipality (Frankfort, Mokena, Tinley Park), you need to contact your local public works to find out what their requirements are for pickup of debris.

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. You can reach us at 708-479-9673 or by e-mail at: ftrd@comcast.net. Information is also available on the Frankfort Township website at: www.frankforttownship.com. Voicemail and e-mail messages will be returned as soon as posssible.


Bill Carlson
Highway Commissioner
Frankfort Township Road District
9434 W. LaPorte Road
Mokena, IL 60448